Style to sell

ci sono artisti che nascono ispirati, io no, io lavoro sodo per realizzare un´immagine che rende la meta´ di un artista naturale, ma Ci sono dei trucchi per essere STILOSO in Italian

When your graphical production does not looks like harmonic || professional || complete, you have to work on your sketches and find the main style (like a corporate identity) that represent the project.

Colors & Light The colors changes, based on the ambient light where you watch theme, that means that if you want to have a realistic effect on your illustrations you cannot use a warm gray and a cold gray in the same image, in nature that will not happen. But you can use those gray variant to create a surreal image for example. Remember that the colors are influencing the mood, so use theme with a meaning. If you are working on web search for the standards used color for similar projects, cause the meaning of the colors is really different in the different continent, and the meaning changes a bit even between the European countries.

Background the Background is really boring to make but really important to do. Empty background is a ZEN solution, white for day, and Black for night. works only in ZEN contest.
Frequently color dont
works as a single color in professional illustrations. If you want to use one tone a good suggestion is to make a material background: * take many different white and trow theme together on the paper
* take a brush technique and use one color, you will get a single color but with brushes signs, a bit of 3D

minimize or exaggerate When something does not convince you, there is the best trick to be use:
* minimize: take it out and delete it, minimize the objects and the number of images help make the structure easier to reed and be modeled.
* exaggerate: the other way is take this not stylish component and repeat it, use it multiple times, even always. For example you are not sure if a text need to have a Outline color, you can take out the Outline at all (minimize), or make it fat, stronger color and repeat it for multiple text on the composition (exaggerate).

Harmonia and Elegance dont be afraid, is easy, Everything around you can be represented with math, mathematics as convention to explain the world, Music is math based, and Art too. You can compose your images with a math help, use the “guide lines” to see clearly the position of your object on the page, to calculate the empty spaces … and remember Math, Geometry, Perspective, Harmonia and Elegance are all the same thing ! z.B. Leonardo Da Vinci The elegance is into clear lines, so if you use a Vector Program smooth your lines or draw with a smoother plugin activated: Inkscape you can realize this in many ways; for example take the tool -> [ EDIT PATH BY NODES ] ; now select the node you want to “harmonize” and click on -> [ Make selected nodes symmetric ]
Elegance has few lines, no many particulars, like an Armani suite :P
Harmonia is based on the cycle of the objects, how and how many times the object is represented. If there is an object on the left and on the right is empty, that means the emptyness have a meaning, when there is no meaning make full the right side with something that balance the left content.
In history of art is always present the idea of composition, every artist use a personal way to do it, but many people use the 3,14 rule, go check how the greek temple were built, how Eisenstein decide the video Editing of “Panzerkreuzer Potemkin”, how Bruno Munari plan his graphics design.

Alice Z Bognetti
Probably I will be banned from many Graphics website after this post, cause those tricks and tips are the precious knowledge of who work and study ART || GFX But… you know what? lets support and produce Evolution: OPEN SOURCE, OPEN MIND, NOT COMMERCIAL, SHARE ALIKE !